"Empty Trash" option is not available for Mac and some PC users...help!

Unfortunately, a handful of our Mac users are not able to find the trash functionality in their menus. We just tested one out by deleting a few files, but there is still no “Empty Trash” option on the menus on Macs (even after waiting 10-20 minutes). I’ve included a screen shot for your reference. This is happening with multiple Mac users in our office.

I also have three screen shots from a specific PC user (that this forum will not let me post in this topic). There are actually two PC users (that I know of) that are having this same issue. They are receiving notifications that there are items in their trash, but then their odrive menu does not have the “Empty Trash” option either.

If there’s anything you can do to help, it would be much appreciated. We are not able to delete old files, and therefore they are using a ton of our storage. The only option we have is to go into the web version and delete files one-by-one which is far from efficient and just not practical.

Thank you in advance,

Hi @miranda,
Thanks for the report. Do you know if this just started happening, or it has been the case since the beginning? Can you send along a diagnostic please?


Hi @miranda
Can you try installing this Mac version to see if it addresses the issue?

Please exit odrive before installing.



Hi Tony -

This seems to have been the case from the beginning of switching from Oxygen Enterprise over to odrive, however we just realized it was an issue when we ran into nearly-full storage.

I just had both a Mac user and a PC user each send along a diagnostic report. I personally am not having the issue, but almost everyone else on our team is.

Please let me know if you need anything else,

Thanks @miranda

Can you do one thing for me. On the Mac system, can you run odrive from the terminal and tell me if anything shows up in there, especially when you look at the odrive tray menu. Additionally, can you look at the Console to see if any relevant messages show up when trying to access the tray menu.

To run from the terminal, close odrive and then open a terminal session.
Type in the following:


Here is the response I received some a Mac user who ran odrive from the terminal:
“When I quit odrive and then ran it from the terminal it reopened. When I checked my odrive menu I still do not have a trash can, yet I am still getting the message I have items in my trash.”

Here is the response I received from a Mac user who reinstalled using the link you provided above:
“I quit and uninstalled all odrive related things and reinstalled based on the link that you sent me. I still do not see a trash, but the message now pops up that says things will not be deleted until I empty my trash. Not sure what next steps are.”

We have identified what is happening. We will be working on a fix, but can you private message me the e-mails of the users having issues and I will see if we can provide a workaround in the meantime?


Hi Tony,

I don’t see where to private message you…

For anyone who hits the same issue, this is something we will be addressing, but you can get around it by making sure you have an e-mail set in your odrive profile: