Empty trash deleted files on hard drive


I emptied the trash via the desktop client (top menu odrive icon)
some directories on my hard drive are empty after this action.

I do not have a premium account (not activated yet).

How can I restore those files?
How could this be possible?

Kind regards,


Hi @maarten,
The odrive trash will only commit deleted files to the cloud. It responds to local deletes, but it doesn’t perform any local deletes, itself.

To give more details:
When odrive detects that a synced file has been deleted on the local machine, it “holds” that delete in a queue and will not send it to the cloud until the odrive trash is emptied. This is a safeguard to prevent losing any cloud data via inadvertent local deletes. If a file is listed in the odrive trash is means it has already been detected as deleted or moved outside of an odrive folder, which was done though some other means (user action or another application).

Can you describe where the missing files were located? Were they in an odrive folder?

Thank you for the information.

I have managed to restore the files from the trash.



Thanks for the update @maarten. I’m glad to hear you got things sorted out.