"Empty Trash and Synd All Delete" is no longer working


The function “Empty Trash and Synd All Delete” no longer works on my computer
(My oDrive Trash bin now has 53 files that cant be removed …)

This happens after I tried to “clean / sort” the Google Drive “Shared With Me” folder

Since then,
many problems started … I dont know how to solve his issue

Hi @soundstorm.fze,
Are you seeing an error when you try to empty the trash? If so, can you take a screenshot and post it here?

Also, can you submit a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu after trying to empty the trash so we can take a closer look?

You mentioned the Google Drive “Shared With Me” folder. Google does not have a way for us to delete items that are shared with you, but you do not own. When you try to delete these, odrive will get an error back from Google. The only way to remove these shared items is to remove them from the Google Drive web client, unfortunately.

Hi @soundstorm.fze,
We released a new version today that improves the trash functionality: