Empty Trash and Sink all Deletes not working at all

Odrive is not deleting anything through the empty trash and sink all deletes button.
I looked at:

But only a few files are in Google drive and I definitely am the only one with access to the files in Google Drive.
The other files are in S3 and google cloud.
I have never had any problems before, but when I reset my computer, it uninstalled Odrive, so I had to reinstall Odrive and sink it to a new folder. Now nothing is being deleted.

I don’t seem to be getting any error messages, the files are just not deleting.
I sent a diagnostics to you. Is there any way for me to view the diagnostics?

Hi @brandonkeithbiggs,
My apologies. I missed this post earlier.

I looked for a diagnostic, but I wasn’t able to find it. Would you be able to send another one so I can take a look?

Can you tell how many files are listed in the trash?
If you click on one file listed and try to sync that delete, does it do anything?

I sent you 2 files. The first one is before clicking on the file in trash and the second is after trash didn’t do anything after I clicked on it.
The empty trash dialogue pops up and I hit enter, but nothing happens, no error shows up.
Let me know what else I should try.

Hi @brandonkeithbiggs,
I took a look at the diagnostic.

There doesn’t seem to be any errors generated from the trash attempts. It looks like they are successful, but aren’t actually deleted, for some reason.

I sent you the list of file in the trash with a private message. Can you try deleting them from the Google Drive side and make sure odrive reflects those deletes (they should be removed from the trash). I want to make sure that allows those deletes and that odrive correctly tracks them. If so, we can get those items out of the trash and then try a new test delete to see if the problem persists.