Duplicate folder created and folders disappearing

I’m uploading about 100,000 files to amazon drive.

I have a recurring problem where folders will disappear. I did not bother to do anything about it because I couldn’t find any details that might help odrive, but today I opened up odrive and an entire folder has been renamed with a datestamp, while files continue to be uploaded into the normal folder “videos”

What might cause this error?


Hi @jonathan.a.nolan,
This is a new one for me. odrive doesn’t have any code that would append a timestamp to a file or folder.

Do you have any other applications or systems interacting with your Amazon Drive? I see the _gsdata_ folder, which looks to be a folder associated with GoodSync. Are you using GoodSync with Amazon Drive too?

Occasionally I use the amazon drive app. I used good drive once but it hasn’t been open in ages.

Hi @jonathan.a.nolan,
Is it possible that the Amazon Drive app was running at the same time yesterday, when that new folder was created?

Since there isn’t a way for odrive to have created that folder on its own, it must’ve been created by something else. Maybe the Amazon Drive service, itself, did it.

You mentioned folders disappearing in your first post. These were folders that were already uploaded to Amazon?
Do you see anything of note in the Amazon Drive trash? https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/trash

Can you also send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look at what the client is doing?