Dropbox web thumbnail view showing?

When i try and view web view picture images in dropbox the icon image of the file is not there. . All good in other clients google drive, one drive etc.

Hi @maldaines,
In general you should be able to see thumbnails of images in Dropbox. Can you tell me what types of images these are? Can you also provide a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Hi Tony, thanks for reply. Files are .jpg format. Have done screen shot, but having trouble attaching it to post please advise. Cheers.

Hi @maldaines,
You should be able to add images now.

To clarify, are you seeing no thumbnails at all for Dropbox, or are they only not showing for some things?

Got it . This is what i see.

Hi @maldaines,
Can you click on the icon of the photo in the top-left, under “Photos New”? That will switch the view from list-view to the gallery-view. Once you do that, do you see the thumbnails?

Hi @maldaines,
Actually, I do see something odd with .jpg files, specifically, in Dropbox. I will investigate further.

Hi Tony . No is the answer to your last post. Changing view shows nothing. Interesting I have 1 image which is a bitmap format and i can see that ok ? ?

Hi @maldaines,
This is fixed now. Can you please verify?

Hey this is fixed now, good work, cheers.

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Great! Thanks for confirming.