Dropbox Support

What is the support of Dropbox V2 looking like now? It’s been over 2 years since that API has been released but I am still not clear if it is fully supported by odrive or not. Specially, I am referring to the preservation of last modified dates which it wasn’t honoring. I know it was due to some complicated and weird thing that Dropbox was doing, but hopefully a workable solution exists now that handles this as well as other metadata like permissions and ownership. If there is an updated support summary of Dropbox V2 I would like to see it as I would like to stop using their client if I can avoid the overhead.

Hi @DarfNader,
Dropbox with mod time preservation is fully supported in the next generation product. We are nearing the preview/beta stage for that, so I’m hoping we will have some announcements in the near future.

Will it also preserve things like file ownership (when a matching UID is available), permissions, and other attributes? I know that Dropbox itself is limited in this regard, but I hope odrive will do as much as Dropbox is capable of providing.

Hi @DarfNader,
It does not deal with those extra attributes, at this time.