Dropbox Business - Entire folder deleted

I have a Dropbox Business account -
For some reason, I found the entire ODrive Dropbox folder in the trash! (MacOS 14.2.1)
Then I moved it back to its original location and ODrive started syncing it (TBs of data) like it’s new!

Hi @budowski,
Can you make sure you are on the latest version of the desktop client and then send over a diagnostic so that we can take a look at the logs?

I’m getting an error:

Hi @budowski,
Can you send over the “current_odrive_status.txt” file in the root of the odrive folder?

Sent privately directly to you

Just to provide an update to this:
Dropbox had changed the namespace on the account, which affected how odrive references the content.

The fix was to unlink the Dropbox storage on the odrive web client and then re-link it using a different name for the link, to differentiate and prevent any local conflicts.