Dropbox & API Calls

I love using Odrive. Love it! However, I am repeatedly getting dinged from Dropbox about API calls and I use my 25K allotment in the first 3 days of the month. I have disconnected Dropbox from Odrive, but their syncing system is not elegant or smooth or any other adjective that runs smoothly. Can you give me any information to get around Dropbox’s API Call rules?

Hi @alisonbarnesmartin,
I’m glad to hear you are loving odrive!

Are you using a Dropbox for Business account?
How many files/folders are you syncing with odrive?

One quick way to reduce API calls is to “Disable background scanning” at the top of the odrive menu under “Ready to sync new changes”. This will reduce the number of background calls odrive makes to Dropbox by a significant amount. The drawback is that odrive will not automatically detect remote Dropbox changes unless you browse into the folder, in which case it will refresh that folder. odrive will still automatically detect and upload local changes, however. It is only remote change detection that is affected by this setting.

Another mitigation technique would be to unsync sections of your data (folders) that you do not need immediate access to. Reducing the scope of the data that odrive needs to track will reduce the API calls required to keep it all in sync.