Dropbox and Odrive not in sync

Hi, my Dropbox and Odrive is not in sync. There is a difference in the file structure. What can be wrong?

Hi @johannes,
My first guesses would be the odrive trash or hitting a “not allowed” condition.

If you can provide a screenshot of the side-by-side differences and send a diagnostic, we can investigate.

Thank you, I sent diagnostic and here is a screenshot:

Odrive window is how I like it to be in Dropbox.

Hi @johannes,
You Dropbox view looks odd, although I am not an expert on the Dropbox web client. When I go to my Dropbox account the layout is different, for example.

In any case, what you are showing is definitely odd if these are the same accounts. Showing the two web clients is good, because it eliminates any desktop client sync issues. What this is showing is, not only are there more things being listed on the Dropbox webclient side, but there are also two folders on the odrive webclient side that aren’t listed on the Dropbox side (Busspassagerare and Badhuset)! Since the odrive webclient is asking Dropbox for the folder listing in real-time (no caching), the folder listing should be exactly the same, but to have something listed in the odrive webclient that is not listed in Dropbox makes it even stranger…

Next steps to try to make sense of this:

  • Are you certain that these are the same accounts?
  • Are any options, like “Show deleted files” selected in the Dropbox view?
  • Since odrive is utilizing Dropbox’s API, we can take a look at what the API is returning by using their API Explorer:
    • Go here Dropbox API Explorer
    • Click on “Get Token” and go through the flow to obtain a token for making API calls
    • Enter the full path in the “path” field (/Kunder/film_scratch/... etc.)
    • Click on “Submit Call”
    • Paste the output of the listing here.

I got help from our IT suport, he did some deatuherizing and now it works fine.

Great! Thanks for the update @johannes.

It is still strange that you were seeing this. Was there a possibility that you were looking at two different accounts?

As I understand it, it had something to do with Dropbox update, it created a new dropbox map but Odrive was still connected to the old dropbox map. So I kept adding files to what I (and Odrive) thought was dropbox but it was just a local map. So in a way maybe it might be considered as two accounts :slight_smile:

Ahh I see! Thanks @johannes. This makes sense now.

For clarity, if your account type changed, then the “root” changes. The root is stored in the link information, which means you need to re-link you Dropbox storage AND use the Dropbox Business type of link to properly set your new root.