Drive not syncing all files

I have ~500 gb of data I am trying to sync up to Amazon. I thought ODrive had synced the subfolders to the cloud, but I am incorrect.

This is a screen shot of one of my subdirectories. It has a blue checkmark, but none of the files or subdirectories contained therein are uploaded. I have a ton of subdirectories like this.

I have synced the top level directory (i.e !Data/[subdirectories]). Some subdirectories have uploaded their entire contents, but the majority have not. For example, the attached screen shot shows one of my subdirectories that has completely uploaded:

So, what am I missing?

Hi @kevinkluckhohn,
Do you see any activity in odrive menu, or is it idle? Is anything listed in “not allowed” or “waiting”?

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look at the current sync activity?

Hi there! It does not show any activity relating to those folders. I just sent you the diagnostic information. . .

In addition, another issue cropped up today: I restarted my MBP, my external drive was mounted, and now oDrive doesn’t recognize it as having been previously synced to Amazon Cloud Drive.


Second Reply: After I restarted my MBP, and restarted oDrive, I came up with the error that stated: “cannot sync folder - folder already exists in oDrive.” So, I followed this Previous article. I uninstalled oDrive, ran the command, and reinstalled oDrive. I then went into my external drive, right clicked on the previously synced main subdirectory (Drobo/!Data) and it took me to Amazon Cloud Drive, and had me select the folder to sync to. It now appears to be syncing everything.

Not sure it’s “fixed,” but it’s a workaround for now.


Hi @kevinkluckhohn,
Thanks for the update.

With external drives you can run into situations where odrive will not be able to initialize the drive properly because it isn’t fully available yet (typically after an OS restart). If the drive is disconnected at any point odrive will also mark it as unavailable and you will need to click on it in the “sync to odrive” listing in the odrive menu to reinitialize it. This may have been the behavior you are seeing.

Glad to hear things are working now. If you see this again, make sure to check the “sync to odrive” section in the odrive menu.

Hi Tony - Unfortunately, I restarted my computer, waited for the external drive to mount, attempted to restart oDrive, and oDrive would only stay open for a few seconds. I posted this issue as a reply in the following thread:

Guess maybe oDrive isn’t the right solution for me and Amazon Cloud Drive?

Hi @kevinkluckhohn,
Take a look at my other reply and see if the workaround provided works for you.