Dragging files from desktop into O-drive & deleting


i’ve found Odrive recently and thought to try it out since I have a bunch of clouds that I use for school. So far its been really great but I am stuck at the moment as to how to save space on my laptop without actually deleting it from my cloud.

I have a bunch of video lectures I downloaded and wanted to upload them into my windowslive cloud.

I ended up clickking and dragging my files through the Odrive app directly from my laptop.
Now that I dont have anymore space on my laptop I need to delete these video lectures- if the files on my desktop all have the blue check marks on them–> that means theyre uploaded to my cloud…but if i delete them from the odrive app- i know this will delete the files on my laptop but will it delete them on my cloud?

i know theres the “empty trash” option-- and it says it will be deleted from the source-- im hoping the source is my laptop or maybe its my cloud?

can someone kindly advise before i delete my odrive trash bin and loose all my videos please.

Thank you in advance and I hope my description is not too confusing.


Also, I forgot to mention- when i delete the files from my Odrive app – i login to my cloud via chrome and the files are still there, but there not reloaded in my odrive folder- as the pink/white files that need to be downloaded.

usually it will have the option of unsyncing or syncing…but now the files are totally gone. how can i fix this?

You can right-click->unsync the files that you want to remove locally but keep int he cloud. This will replace the local files with placeholders that you can re-download again whenever you need them.