Downloading synced files/folders on Windows

We’re trying to download/sync a directory (and sub directories) from our Amazon Drive to a Windows desktop.
The Amazon Sync desktop client just stops working after a week or so and the only way to get the files up to date when it stops is to uninstall Amazon Drive from the machine, delete all the files then re-install Amazon Drive and wait for all the files to sync again.
Not workable.
So we’re running the trial premium version of O-Drive to see if this is a viable solution.
I looks promising…
The only issue we’re facing so far is rather than have previews of the files, we’d like to actually download all the items in the directory and keep that directory updated continuously (space isn’t a problem) but I don’t see that option.
I see in the “Sync Your odrive” section of the usage guide under SYNC ALL FILES AND SUBFOLDERS it says “In these times, you can right-click on any folder to open up the sync options:” The dialogue pictured looks more like a Mac interface and I can’t seem to locate those options on the Windows client.
Please advise…

Hi @bcc,
In Windows Explorer, if you right-click on the folder and select “sync” you should see a window pop-up with the same options as in the screenshot.



If you don’t see the window, it is possible that it is hidden behind some other windows on your desktop. Try minimizing all of the open windows and see if you find it hiding in the back.