Downloading Rather that Syncing

I don’t use my cloud storage as syncing. I have originals of photos stored on my Amazon Drive and OneDrive. If I need to go back to them I just want to copy those files to a working folder where I work on the photos.
Is there a way to download/copy the files to another location from Odrive on my system?
I synced a file thinking thats what I supossed to do only to find out unsyncing is a premium feature so I’m assuming that file is now taking up space on my hard-drive which I didn’t want.

I just wanted an easier one place for accessing all my cloud drives, but maybe odrive is too based on the syncing for what I was wanting.

Hi @roseklockner,
For your workflow you will only want to download copies of the files in the cloud, work on them, and then not sync the changes to the cloud? Is that correct? So the cloud will only ever have the untouched originals?, like an accessible backup?

I just want to be clear on the use case before I dig into possible solutions.

That is correct…thanks!

Hi @roseklockner,
With that particular use case, the free version of odrive is not the best fit.

With the Premium version you could sync, copy, and then unsync (as you already discovered).

Our next generation product will actually be able to fill your use case, but it is not available yet.