Downloading mac apps from website

When you store or share a mac app and try to access it from the web, it shows as a folder only and you are unable to download the file. It would be great if oDrive could recognize mac apps.

These are called packages and are truly directories that are represented as files within Finder. What you see is an accurate representation of it, from the file-level.

We have discussed adding the ability to download dynamically generated zips of shared folders from the web-client sharing interface, but it is on a long list of things we would like to have, at the moment.

A couple of immediate options:
Have you checked out odrive Spaces yet?
It will allow you to share a folder with others that will appear as a link within odrive, just like your other links.

Another option would be to zip up the package and share that out. The user will need to decompress after they have downloaded it.

Tony, I was super impressed with your reply time. I understand high development demands. I will have to look into spaces. Thank you!