Downloading large file from ACD that was split by Odrive -- "The file is not ready for download yet"

I am trying to download a very large file that was split by Odrive to upload to ACD. Every time I attempt to download, I get an error message: “Unable to sync The file is not ready for download yet”. (The file name before split is simply “TC”). Strangely, I had another similar file, “TC2” that downloaded just fine. I’ve tried restarting Odrive, waiting a couple of days, etc. I’m getting down to the wire… any suggestions?

P.S. If there is some way to manually re-assemble split files, I can currently download the 2GB split files without a problem.

Hi @odrive2,
The way split files work is that they are uploaded in chunks and then a manifest file is created to track these chunks and determine how to reassemble them. You can get a message like the one you are seeing if odrive cannot find one of the chunks that is listed in the manifest, or if Amazon is having issues listing all of the chunks (if there are a ton).

I have seen this happen when a user inadvertently deleted a chunk when trying to free up space after the Amazon Drive 1TB cap was announced. I have also seen this when Amazon throws an exception when trying to list all of the chunks, or another exception during the split file scan. I would expect this type of exception to be intermittent, though, and not happen every time.

There is a bunch of information about IFS (XL/Split Files) here, if you are curious about the format:

I created a python utility to reassemble IFS file outside of odrive here:

How large of a file is this?
When you try to download it, does it throw an exception right away, or does it take some time? How long?

Wow @Tony ,
Thank you so much for the rapid response and thorough reply!
TBH, I’m not sure exactly how large the original file was, but I think it is >30GB, possibly close to 100GB.
I’m pretty sure I haven’t deleted any of the chunks, but I could see ACD not returning them all. As-is, I’ve seen some strange behavior while using ACD web interface and searching for files.

I get the error message within a second or two after attempting to sync.
I will check out that python script and see if I can reassemble it.

Thanks again!!!

Hi @odrive2,
Just let me know if you have any questions about the python utility, or anything else.

If you get a chance, can you trigger the issue on the desktop and send a diagnostic from the odrive menu? I just want to see if there is anything more we can glean from the report.