Download Everything Via Web

Some guy sent me a website using this odrive… he sent me a URL I clicked on it and there is all the files much like google drive. However, I can’t figure out how to download all the files. I see this arrow looking thing on the right but when I click it it only downloaded one file and not all the directories and everything.

How do I download EVERYTHING this guy sent me?

Hi @bannostookaylo,
I assume you are using Google Chrome. When you click on the arrows icon on the right (looks like 3 inverted chevrons)

Chrome will pop-up a little box that asks if you want to download multiple files. (see screenshot below). You will need to allow that for the files to come down.
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I have FIrefox. How do I download whole folders?

Hi @abc123kidz2000,
We support downloading multiple files in a folder from the web with Chrome. Take a look at the above post.

You can also request that the sharer shares the location as a Space, which you can then access from the odrive desktop client and download everything that way.

I’m using Chrome, but don’t see the pop-up asking for multiple downloads, and it only seems to download one file then stop. Do you know if this should work on all versions of Chrome?

Hi @talvola2,
I looked into this and it looks like they removed this feature from the latest versions of Chromium (which is the foundation for Chrome).

The web client in odrive2 (next generation odrive) has an alternate way of downloading multiple files at a time, but doesn’t yet have the same link-sharing capabilities as odrive.