Does Odrive resync the entire directory on every restart?

I am curious about the syncing that happens on a restart.

I have had odrive finish a large sync and be all happy, then when I restart the client seems to start syncing all of the folders from the bottom up again. Is this normal behavior?

Hi @conor,
odrive should not resync anything unless the files were changed somehow. Can you tell me where you are seeing this happen. Are the files actually being re-uploaded again?

it doesn’t seem like they are being reuploaded but it I get the magenta sync icon over the larger directories I have in my odrive folder. It has about 5 background requests going and is working its way through those folders.

These are the folders of raw images I keep managed via lightroom - so there are a decent number of them.

The sync had completed and it was idle, I reset the machine and it went to work back on those sorted folders.

For what it is work I am using Yosemite. 10.10.5 of macOS

Hi @conor,
That is actually expected behavior. odrive needs to scan through things on both sides to make sure nothing has changed that needs to be synced. The larger the structure (and those lightroom catalogs can be really large structures) the more obvious and prolonged the effect is.

I guess I need to figure a way to shrink the folders, it’s truly a little sloppy on my side and a lot of accumulated databases over the years. aperture, iphoto, capture one…

If you have finished syncing certain areas that you do not need to access, or at least access soon, you can unsync them to collapse the structure and shrink the scope of data that odrive needs to be concerned with.