Does odrive rely on the Backup and Sync/Drive app settings or the Drive SDK API settings in the Google Admin Console?

I have a G Suite user account that has the Application and Sync disabled. Does this setting affect odrive as well?

To better explain the question, here’s a screenshot of a sample Data Access pane in the Google Admin Console.

If B is selected (disabling the Backup and Sync application), and C is checked (enabling the Drive SDK API), will odrive be able to sync files, or does odrive rely on the Backup and Sync being enabled?

Is odrive in any way affected by the Drive SDK API?

Also, Drive File Stream is coming in the next few days. Does this change anything?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @noam,
odrive only requires the Drive API ©. odrive uses the API to interface to the user’s Drive content.

Drive Stream shouldn’t affect any odrive functionality. There are some new concepts that have been added with the Sync and Backup functionality that have created additional “areas” in Drive where that client stores data. Those areas are not exposed yet through the API. Team Drives (another separate “area” in Drive) are also not yet supported by odrive.

The standard Google Drive functionality that odrive currently provides should be unaffected as long as the API access is allowed.