Does Odrive keep on syncing when user logged off their computer?

Ok refrigerator light question. I have searched the web. I have searched the FAQs. I have searched the forum and I cannot find the answer to this simple question. Does Odrive keep syncing when I am logged out of computer? I know it is probability a stupid question but I need to know please. You think this kinda of information would be in the FAQs, the advertising / features or here in the forum. Oh and I do not mean logged out of their cloud storage.

Hi @eddieknoxllc,
The odrive desktop client needs to be running for sync to take place. Generally apps will be closed on user logout, so odrive will not be able to sync until the app is started again.

Hi @Tony,

I’m thinking of joining and subscribing to odrive, but i really need to be able to install it on my home server (WHS 2011) and have it running without a user logged on.

Are there any plans to implement this feature, or any ways to make it work as a service / run without being logged on? TIA!

Hi @wafu_anthony,
I haven’t tested this, but it may be possible to run this way using the odrive agent for Windows:

You could try using a utility like srvstart to run it as a service.

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thanks - I’ll take a look at those ideas.

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