Does odrive have mechanism to check file moves within the sync folder?

I have been using odrive to sync my iTunes Library (Ondrive music locker yeaaaa).

One thing I noticed is that odrive seems not to sense if the same has moved. If I use iTunes “Automatically add to iTunes” folder to add new songs, odrive client will start to sync immediately. iTunes then moved the file into the respective folder in the library and the file syncs again. The problem is that the two sync operation exists concurrently and when the sync finished one of the synced file will be displayed in trash.

This seems not to be a huge problem for me, but it would be better to have a mechanism that checks for file moves as it can save bandwidth.

Hi Tommy,
We do track moves to prevent unneeded uploads. What could be happening is that the file is changing in some way between the time it is picked up in the first position and the time it is picked up in the second position. It might be that odrive catches the file before it is finished copying to disk, which will result in a different file size than the final location. It could also be that iTunes is adding some metadata/headers to the file, re-sampling, or some other minor modification that is changing the file profile enough that we can’t definitively determine that the files are the same and its a move.

Can you pause sync during these operations and then resume once you’ve finished processing your library files?

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