Does ODRIVE download actual files?


Does oDrive download the actual files to my computer or does it prove access to the cloud directly without downloading anything (in the same manner as another question: if I delete a photo folder from FACEBOOk will it be actually removed from my FB?


Hi @gaharietmelanthios,
odrive is a sync engine, so will pull the files down locally when you want them and push them up when you make a change.

If you are familiar with Dropbox then the basic principle is the same. odrive does not treat the storage as a “network” drive like Expandrive. It is important to note that Expandrive caches the data also, its just tucked away and not visible through the file virtualization layer (FUSE). It is pulling things down locally, though.

The Facebook integration is “read only”, so it will only pull things down to your local machine and can’t push changes, like deletes, up to Facebook. Please note, however, that if you delete a photo in Facebook, that delete will be reflected in the odrive Facebook folder, resulting in the local file being deleted.

If your goal is to backup your Facebook and then delete the content off of Facebook, you will want to copy the synced data out of the odrive\Facebook folder into another location before deleting anything.

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Thanks, Tony. You’re very kind. All clear now. As for FB, my account at the moment is deactivated. I guess I should need first to activated it to download the stuff?

Hi @gaharietmelanthios,
Yes, you will need to activate your account to give odrive access to download.