Does oDrive CLI work on unRaid (FreeBSD)?

Does oDrive CLI work on unRaid (FreeBSD)?

Thank you

Hi @iptvcld,
We have agents built for Linux, but not FreeBSD.

Unfortunately I am not all that familiar with unRaid, but I thought it was based on Linux?

Unraid is FreeBSD os which is Linux. I have it going on that currently. But I am noticing sometimes it says odriveagent is not running in the log even though Ps aux shows it running.

Hi @iptvcld,
Which log are you looking at? Are you able to connect to the agent via the CLI during this time?

If the process is running then it should be working, but the port that the odrive agent is listening on will need to be reachable by the CLI.

Are you able to see that the odrive agent is listening on a port?

I guess I should ask. Does the agent stay running listening on the same port all the time until you stop the agent? Can the agent be running at all times on the same port?

Hi @iptvcld,
The agent will listen on a random port when it starts up, and stay listening on that port until the process is terminated. There isn’t a way to lock it to a specific port, at this time, but I will suggest that feature to the product team.

The CLI will look at ~/.odrive-agent/.oreg to get the port to connect on .

Thanks for your great support Tony

No problem @iptvcld!