Does free version support concurrent uploads?

I am using the free version and I have noticed that when I drop a folder containing various music files into my amazon cloud folder it only seems to upload one at a time. My internet speeds are 100mps down and 6mbs up. I am just curious if this is a limitation of the free version.

odrive supports concurrent uploads, but there is currently a threshold that will try to prevent multiple uploads if a file exceeds 100MB. The way in which the files are added to odrive can also affect this. This applies to both the free and Premium versions.

How large are the individual files being uploaded?
If everything is copied over, into the odrive folder, try restarting odrive and see if you get more concurrency that way.

I am uploading folders of music. So lets say I have a folder with 15 mp3 files all under 15mb. odrive only uploads one file at a time. It seams like restarting it triggers concurrent uploads though. Is this what I will need to do every time I want to upload concurrently?

Concurrency should happen automatically, but it can depend on the way the data entered odrive and how odrive picked it up.

We are working on some refinements in this area for our next major release, as well.