Do I have to manually click on all my folders to sync them?

I am on the trial version and it seems I have to manually click on all my folders to sync the? I have hundreds of folders! Surely I can sync a simpler way?

Hi @katrina,

This section of the usage guide should help you with what you need:

If you want to expand out the folder structure without downloading anything (just keeping everything as placeholders), use the right-click --> Sync option on the folder you want and shift the slider bar to Download Nothing and check the “Include Subfolders” option.

If you want to download everything including all file contents, then right-click --> Sync on the folder you want and move the slider bar all the way to the right to Download Everything. Check the “Include Subfolders” option.

Downloading everything is not really recommended if you have a large amount of information in Google Drive. Better to keep stuff you aren’t going to immediately use as placeholder files. That’s the flexibility advantage that odrive gives you. Otherwise, you chew up disk space and bandwidth having to wait for all of your files to download even if you aren’t going to use them anytime soon.

Hope that helps,