Discarding all "not allowed" files at once?

Is there a way to discard all “not allowed” files at once? I don’t need any of them but there are over 1200 so discarding one by one is not a great option.

Hi @acatalfamo,
You can remove the files yourself from Finder/Explorer to make it quicker. Are these files all in a single directory or do they have a pattern you can search for and delete? Once deleted from the filesystem, odrive will remove them from the list.

So there is no way to delete them via the odrive menu? They are .cot thumbnail photos and they are not in one location and they all have different names, so no real time savings to search for and delete in finder. I find that 95% of the stuff in the not allowed folder is junk and it would be awesome to be able to select multiples and delete from there.

There currently isn’t a way to discard all. You should be able to search for .cot in Finder in the odrive folder to address those files, in-bulk. I will switch this to a feature request for appropriate tracking.

Yes, that works. I forgot that my search feature actually works correctly for files on my computer. (The search on our office server can’t find words mid file name for some reason) Thanks!

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