Disable Progressive Sync?

As nice as the Progressive Sync feature is, is there any way to turn it off? I like Dropbox for the fact that it continuously downloads all files and folders, and space is not a concern on any of my computers. I know that there is a feature to sync all files and folders on demand, but I’d like for that to always be the case.

Thanks in advance.

Currently new folders will not auto-expand, but that is a feature that may be coming. Otherwise, if you have already expanded the folder, any new files will be auto-synced according to the auto download limit that has been set in the odrive tray menu.

Seconding this: I’d really like an option for new folders (added by other computers) to be automatically downloaded.

Right now when I sit down at a computer I have to remember to tell it to Sync the top level of the tree to make it expand new folders that might be hidden deep in there somewhere… but that also Syncs some other folders that I previously chose to keep Unsync’d.

That has to be triggered manually, which means I can’t use odrive to copy new folders to unattended computers. For example, when I add a new folder of large files at work, I’d like them to be synced to my home computer by the time I get home, but that doesn’t happen.

I’d really like a sync app that doesn’t require this kind of manual babysitting (emptying the odrive trash is another example). It’s too easy to forget these things and then bad things happen (your deletes don’t propagate; you don’t have all the files locally that you thought you did; etc).

There are also a lot of cases where things are saved in nested folders that need to be kept together:

  • .git folders
  • Ableton Live project directories
  • Unity project directories
  • iPhoto libraries?
  • OSX applications (which are actually special folders)
  • etc.

If some of the files are present but not all, things can get corrupted or broken in strange ways. These apps tend to add new subfolders by themselves, which would then not get Sync’d to other computers. It’s a recipe for disaster :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for the reply! It’s very nice to hear that this is a possibility for an upcoming feature. I used Dropbox as a way to automate transferring save files for applications and games between computers, but it ran out of space. I now have my own NAS which is set up as an SFTP server, but I have been very frustrated finding any good applications that would sync to it… odrive has been flawless so far other than the fact that you have to manually sync files and manually remove them from the trash.