Disable automatic updates

How can I disable automatic updates? Every time it happens my laptop (PC running Win 7 Ultimate) is freezing and when it happens while I’m doing some important work it’s very annoying.
Obviously the developers don’t care about this and do not intend to create this as an option in the settings.
So how to disable it?
Is there any file that I should rename or delete to accomplish this?

Hi @mr108 ,
There is an advanced item that will delay restarting the odrive app when there is an automatic update. You can learn more about that here: Advanced client options

We haven’t pushed an autoupdate out for several week, though. Did this happen to you recently?

No this time I wanted to avoid that annoying freeze and downloaded the latest version 70xx and it turned out to be buggy. so I had to reinstall the older one 6984 and it works OK.

Hi @mr108 ,
Thanks for the additional details.

Can you provide some details on what you experienced so that we can try to address it?

The reason we don’t push out autoupdates right away is because we want make sure there aren’t any issues seen in the field that we didn’t see in-house, before we push out to everyone. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

It was showing message that it couldn’t sync the folders for some reason. I don’t remember exactly the notification - I was in a hurry to get it fixed (uninstall it).
Another thing was showing over100 number of files and folders to be synced that already were synced while using the older version.
It was also showing the entire odrive as ‘waiting’, something the never was happening in the older versions (see the screenshot)

entire odrive as waiting

Hi @mr108 ,
Thanks for providing that information. This was likely due to an issue that was reported on Saturday for version 7029. We pushed out a fix for it Saturday night (current version is now 7032).

If you have a chance to try 7032, and are willing, we would love to know if you see any issues with it.