Different folders / cloud providers on different drives?

I use odrive with several cloud providers. One of those (Dropbox) contains several TBs of data, which I don’t have room for on my laptop (that’s why I use selective sync).
I want to keep a physical copy of all that data on an external hard-drive - Is there a way to let odrive sync only specific folders (or just Dropbox) to that external HD? Meaning, not moving the entire ODrive folder to the external HD, only parts of it? (since my day to day work will still be with the local folders, not on the external HD).

Hi @budowski,
You can use the “sync to odrive” feature.

Thank you! :pray:
Does this work both ways? Meaning, if I already have a folder on Dropbox (that is not synced locally, since it’s too big), but I want to fully sync it (download it) to my external HD (and then read and add files to it from that external HD).

Yes. You can create an empty folder on the drive with the same name as the remote folder you want to sync and then use “sync to odrive” to point it at that remote folder.

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