Difference between what I see in on Amazon's storage page and what I see locally

this is the page on amazon I’m using to get their number from https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/managestoragev2

My most hopeful guess is that amazon is including files recently moved into the trash, of which there are a fairly large number.

My least hopeful guess is that some odrive sync commands failed to convert placeholder files into real files and instead deleted them?

Here’s the thing though
referencing this answer:

there are roughly 1.5million files in my ACD trash. although ACD is only listing 27365 trash objects many of those are large folders.
Even taking 549232-27365= 521867 which is still not 521288
Now taking find . | wc -l on my local filesystem I get 546454 which again still doesn’t match ACD.

Right now I’m just trusting odrive, but I wish ACD’s numbers would back me up. There isn’t anyway to get odrive to scan ACD itself to compare the number count is there?

Hi @bouya.daman,
I can’t say how Amazon does their calculations and indexing, but odrive will return whatever Amazon gives it back in the response.

Here are a few things that could cause a difference:

  1. Some folders are still placeholders locally (.cloudf files). Do you have any of those still?
  2. Some files or folders have patterns that are ignored by odrive: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/sync-changes#section--ignore-list-
  3. Files/folders in the Amazon trash, as you said.
  4. Amazon’s numbers are off or delayed.

Are you planning on emptying the Amazon trash? That could at least help clear one of the variables.

oh there are quite a few thumbs.db and desktop.ini files that I don’t care about really and got backed up accidentally, not sure if that would account for such a large number. that could be the answer though.

I can’t empty the trash to remove one of the variables though, because when I empty the trash, I’m done, and there’s no tasks or thinking left to complete and I’ll never login to ACD ever again :slight_smile:

Hi @bouya.daman,
Those types of files can definitely add up if you’ve got a large structure and should account for a fair amount of the difference, if so.

randomly today, … ACD vomited 30,000 files into ACD’s root directory structure.
yesterday I’d finished moving 100% of files into the trash.
this can’t possibly be odrive’s fault since odrive hasn’t been on.
somehow though this accounts for 2terabytes of data, wondering if somehow these files went unsync’d? or what gives with them! they don’t even seem to all be from the same directory, or day I deleted them, from most of a random media folder to portions of video game backups.

Figure I’ll mention it here, wonder if anyone else ever observed this behavior.

Hi @bouya.daman,
Thanks for the info. It sounds like you hit this weird issue that Amazon Drive has: