Did server go down? I can't log in from desktop sync!

All the sudden I can’t log in.
This hasn’t happened in years of use.
Mac OS 13.6.1.
prod 7365

Hi @georgewhittam,
We aren’t seeing any issues on our end.

Can you describe the error you are encountering? Screenshots may help us to understand along with a diagnostic from the client

Hi @georgewhittam,
It looks like you sent a diagnostic. Looking at that, it appears that something may be misconfigured on your system, which is preventing odrive from opening-up a browser to login.

You can work around this issue by doing the following:

  1. Open-up the sync activity log (see screenshot).
    If your client doesn’t have the option to open the sync activity log (due to its present state):
    You can open it from /Users/georgewhittam/.odrive/log/main.log.
    An easy way to do this is to open up a terminal window (type ‘terminal’ in Spotlight Search) and then copy this command and hit return:
    open /Users/georgewhittam/.odrive/log/main.log
  2. Attempt to login again.
  3. In the sync activity log you will see the url that odrive is attempting to open. Copy and paste that url into your browser to proceed with the login


That manual paste URL into browser workaround fixed it like last time, thanks!

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