Determining file size(s) before syncing

Just wanted to start a discussion on how this might be done now or made easier in the future.

At the moment you can’t see how big a file will be before syncing, which in some cases can be a bit of a pain.

Also, I understand that some services don’t support this at the moment, so odrive would never know the size from those services.

Perhaps odrive, if it knows the file size, could instead create a placeholder with the size in the name?



This would be extremely useful. I would like to see this implemented.

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Have you tried setting “auto download limit”? This will sync large files as placeholders.

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Right, but I have a folder full of database archives shared with the team. I don’t want anything auto-synced, I just want to grab the relevant backup when I need to reproduce an issue (for example). I’d like to know in advance if it’s going to be quick, or if it’s 100gb and going to take hours.

Nearly all the backups are 1-5gb, some of them are 10gb, a few of them are > 50gb. The auto-download limit doesn’t have any divisions up that high, and I really don’t want all the small ones auto-synced anyway!

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+1 for this. My use case is looking for an exact size for file matching. Would it be possible to include the file size in filesystem metadata? I know that current windows filesystems allow properties. Not sure about iOS. Or it could just be a command in the agent (retrieve size for file X).

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