Detecting changes with odrive Agent

I am experiencing problems with OneDrive (sharepoint). It doesn’t seem to sync changes not even every 14 hours. I am using orive-agent in an ubuntu machine. No problems with Google Drives. Changes are detected fast. As far as OneDrive is concerned, I have to run a folder-recursive refresh script, otherwise, no updates are detected unless I restart the agent. I can share my log files if necessary

Hi @galfra2,
This does sound odd.

  • Can you send a diagnostic from that machine using the diagnostics CLI command
  • Can you also send the ~/.odrive/log/main.log so that I can take a look at the odrive sync activity. That logs should tell us when the full remote scan is taking place. You can message me this directly by clicking on my name and selecting “Message”.

Hi @galfra2,
I do see the remote scans taking place. They seem to take a little more than an hour to complete:

13 Aug 08:40:46AM INFO Start remote scan /mnt/cloud-storage/odrive
13 Aug 09:51:22AM INFO End remote scan /mnt/cloud-storage/odrive
13 Aug 11:52:35PM INFO Start remote scan /mnt/cloud-storage/odrive
14 Aug 01:04:11AM INFO End remote scan /mnt/cloud-storage/odrive
14 Aug 03:05:53PM INFO Start remote scan /mnt/cloud-storage/odrive
14 Aug 04:23:06PM INFO End remote scan /mnt/cloud-storage/odrive
15 Aug 06:24:21AM INFO Start remote scan /mnt/cloud-storage/odrive
15 Aug 07:31:33AM INFO End remote scan /mnt/cloud-storage/odrive
15 Aug 03:23:31PM INFO Start remote scan /mnt/cloud-storage/odrive
15 Aug 04:38:45PM INFO End remote scan /mnt/cloud-storage/odrive
16 Aug 06:39:59AM INFO Start remote scan /mnt/cloud-storage/odrive
16 Aug 07:52:19AM INFO End remote scan /mnt/cloud-storage/odrive
16 Aug 09:53:36PM INFO Start remote scan /mnt/cloud-storage/odrive
16 Aug 11:13:11PM INFO End remote scan /mnt/cloud-storage/odrive
17 Aug 01:14:27PM INFO Start remote scan /mnt/cloud-storage/odrive
17 Aug 02:33:49PM INFO End remote scan /mnt/cloud-storage/odrive
18 Aug 04:42:35AM INFO Start remote scan /mnt/cloud-storage/odrive
18 Aug 05:55:59AM INFO End remote scan /mnt/cloud-storage/odrive

During some of the remote scan processes, odrive is finding changes inside your Sharepoint link, so it does seem to be working as expected, at least from what I can see.

Do you know of any particular time ranges where a remote scan was performed but a change that was expected to be processed was not?

No. It’s not like that. Where you see that odrive is detecting changes in gr393 is only because I forced the detection through a script. For example, every night, at 12am there should be at least 10 new files uploaded to gr393 from various mobile phones and computer. However, I only see the “Start Remote Scan” entry in the log file (an example is ```
15 Aug 06:24:21AM INFO Start remote scan /mnt/cloud-storage/odrive), but no changes detected. Only if I run the script as described here Example: Refresh an odrive folder path recursively, the changes are detected

Hi @galfra2 ,
Apologies, I now know (remember) why you are seeing this behavior. We had to place some pretty hard limits on OneDrive for Business/Sharepoint because of the extreme rate limiting they were imposing. We did this a while ago and it completely slipped my mind.

The changes ended up making OD4B/Sharepoint much, much better for day-to-day desktop use, but definitely impacted the background scan behavior. On Windows and Mac it isn’t really noticeable because of our dynamic reflection when you browse around in Finder and Explorer, but the sync agent can’t take advantage of that, so it becomes much more bothersome.

Microsoft has been a real pain in this area, unfortunately, but we may be able to ease these limits back now. I’ll see what we can work out and try to get you a new version to test out next week.

Thank you Tony. I’ve only notified you of this issue, but I’ve already sorted it out with the script and a cron task. So feel free to leave everything as it is (anyway, you know what you are doing). Reagards

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