Desktop sync file not showing up in the Odrive web solution


I have pulled some file into the Odrive desktop sync client, however those files are not showing up in the web browser based interface. Is it supposed to show up?

Hi @haoranzhengda,
As long as the files were uploaded to your linked storage, you will be able to see that file when browsing to that same location on the odrive web client.

Do the files have the checkmark sync badge on them?
Do you see where these files were synced in the sync activity log?
sync activity log


The scrrenshot PNG file was pulled into the Odrive desktop sync folder. However, it is no showed up in the web browser Odrive

I think I understand what you mean now, I will need to pull the document to one of the linked storage, such as Dropbox, however, if I simply pulled the document to the Odrive document, then it will not be synced. Is there a plan to enable this capability?

Hi @haoranzhengda,

That is correct. odrive doesn’t provide storage, so when you have the files outside of one of your linked storages, there isn’t anywhere for odrive to upload to.

Not for this product