Desktop sync client installation - specify target odrive folder?

When installing odrive desktop sync client, I usually use chocolatey (as I use it for everything else) - however I then have to move the odrive folder to my D: drive.

Is there a command-line parameter I can pass to the installer that will automatically set the desired path to D: ?


Hey @Tenebrous,
It is nice to see you back here!

We do not have an option to do this, but I have set this as a “Feature Request”. It is probably unlikely that this will be added, but the product team will consider it.

How automated are you looking to make the install? It is possible to execute some initial setup via the CLI once odrive runs for the first time. For example, authorizing your user and setting up a “sync to odrive” folder on the D: drive that points to the root of your odrive storage.

Hey @Tony - I’ve been lurking but otherwise a very happy user of odrive since way back when, not much to comment on to be honest!

It’s only a nicety for me - I have a list of things I install via chocolatey, and I could absolutely include some CLI auth & configuration, so that’s probably a good solution.

I’ll give it a go and report back.


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