Desktop Release (12-23-2022) Win v.7202 / Mac v.7334

Hi Odrive Community,

There’s a new desktop release available with some additional fixes, enhancements, and operational improvements.

Win v.7202 / Mac v.7334:


  • Add force refresh to MacOS (right-click → Sync dialog checkbox option)
  • Prioritize certain refreshes: right-click, badge-triggered, and a limited number of local event-triggered per minute
  • Unsync improvements:
    • Don’t precheck read-only on unsync
    • When unsyncing, always send to OS trash if there are any unsynced items, including blacklisted
  • Integration: support buffer and retry for Autodesk upload

Operational Improvements:

  • Improved memory management
  • More checks to ensure we are not doubling-up tasks for the same path

Support and Logging Improvements:

  • Prevent overly long strings in logs
  • Improve unsync logging and feedback
  • Add Odrive menu item to generate and display the odrive_current_status.txt file that is normally created with a diagnostic

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bug where forced unsync tracking wasn’t removed, which can result in seeing items as deleted if there is an issue unsyncing a folder
  • Detect capitalization / case change on mount in Mac
  • Fix for when multiple mounts are defined but the only difference is capitalization
  • Fix issue for filesystem event triggers in the root of a mount if Mac was using folder-level events instead of file-level events
  • Fix CLI unmount command

Grab the installers here if you want to try it out right away. Get in touch with us at to let us know what’s going on or if you run into issues.

Happy Holidays,