Desktop Release (12-11-2020) Win v.6800 / Mac v.6902

Hi again folks,

We’ve got a small desktop release available today.

Win v.6800 / Mac v.6902:

  • Procore integration minor fixes and adjustments.
  • Spaces optimizations (the beginning of several phases).
  • Make error and alert dialog pop-up windows bigger and truncate long paths (middle truncation).
  • Right-click --> Open in Web Preview fixes in a few integrations.

While I’ve got a captive audience, I also want to announce some documentation updates:

  • Revised web client features page and subpages.
  • New Orgs feature and user manual documentation to explain how to purchase and manage odrive Premium subscriptions for a team under one credit card.
  • New Procore solutions page with more information about how to get started using odrive with Procore.

Let us know if you’ve got any feedback or want to tell us what you’re using odrive for in your personal or work life! You can get the new desktop build installers early if you want to test it out before it goes out to our autoupdater.

Have a great weekend,

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