Desktop Release (10-20-2020) Win v.6749 / Mac v.6849

Hi folks,

Here’s the info on the latest odrive sync app release.

Win v.6749 / Mac v.6849

  • Custom blacklist support for “contains” exclusions (partial match)
  • Performance adjustments and safeguards.
  • Advanced client options improvement so that a restart is not required for changes to the general and premium config files to take effect.
  • Other small changes:
    • Minor integration updates (WebDAV timeouts, Google Drive handling of files reported as abusive).
    • CLI: improve sync requests reporting.
    • Additional fixes for case where user has moved Program Files to an alternate location instead of C:\Program Files.
    • Various minor bug fixes.

Grab the installers here, as usual, if you want to try them out immediately before these changes get pushed out to our autoupdater. See our documentation if you need some additional information or help, and as always, feel free to contact us on this forum or by sending an email to


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