Desktop Release (10-04-2021) Win v. 7053 / Mac v.7167

Hi odrive Community,

There’s a new desktop release out with some general improvements across the board. Here are the specifics:

Win v. 7053 / Mac v.7167

  • Integration improvements:
    • B2 upload flow fix
    • Procore error handling and upload timeout adjustments
    • Google Drive fixes
    • Dropbox upload performance improvements and logging adjustments
  • Windows MSI installers for automated installs (available by request only)
  • Miscellaneous fixes to badging, change detection, blacklisted files.
  • Performance tuning.
  • Uninstaller fixes.

Grab the installers here if you want to try it out before we send it to the app autoupdater. Feel free to send us an email at or leave us a note on the forum if you want to provide feedback or report any issues.


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