Desktop Release (07-29-2021) Win v. 7018 / Mac v.7131

Hi odrive users,

We have a new release out, primarily with a basketful of integration fixes. Details below.

Win v. 7018 / Mac v.7131

  • Performance tuning adjustments
  • General error handling improvements
  • Integration: WebDAV rate limit handling improvements
  • Integration: Box close upload session fix
  • Integration: OneDrive error handling improvements for path too long
  • Integration: Procore error handling improvements
  • Integration: Procore will not present Drawings, Specifications, and Photos tool files which are not available for download by Procore yet
  • Integration: Procore will download the latest annotated pdf for a Procore Drawing file
    • NOTE: If you want to pick up newer annotation updates for a file you have already downloaded, you will currently need to unsync the file and then download it again.

There is also an update regarding the Procore Drawings, Specifications, and Photos tool integrations. They are still only available with a valid Business Subscription plan but will also be on request only (some customers have reported undesired downloads due to having folder sync rules set to download everything on project folders). If you want this feature turned on for your Business Subscription account, please contact your Procore admin and have them notify us at

The installers are available here for download if you want to try it out before we send it to the app autoupdater. Let us know if you run into any issues or if you have any feedback or suggestions!