Desktop Release (07-06-2022) Win v.7156 / Mac v.7284

Hi Odrive folks,

We have a new release available with a lot of goodies inside. Details below.

Win v.7156 / Mac v.7284:

  • Integration updates:
    • Procore: support large file upload capability (sync and backup features)
    • Procore: exception handling adjustments
    • Procore: additional improvements for Procore rate limiting
    • Autodesk: Support for their new upload API
    • Dropbox: use alternate Dropbox download API call
    • Facebook: API update to v14 and some folder listing improvements
  • (Windows-only currently) Right-click → Sync: add checkbox option to force a refresh on all applicable folders
  • New pop-up notification: notice for trying to right-click → Sync on a top-level folder
  • New pop-up notification: conflict detected
    • Advanced config setting to disable / turn off conflict detection pop-up notification
  • Handling for where there is only a difference in the case/capitalization of characters in the file name
  • Better screen reader support with dialogs and tray menu
  • Performance and operational improvements in the tray menu app and sync processing.
  • Various bug fixes, clean-up, and logging adjustments

The installers are here. If you have feedback or run into any issues, please contact us here in this forum or email Thanks!

Warm regards,

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