Desktop Release (05-18-2021) Win v.6984 / Mac v.7094

Hi odrive Users,

Our next desktop release is available with a bunch of miscellaneous improvements and fixes. Details below.

Win v.6984 / Mac v.7094

  • App notifications: increase waiting and urgent notification intervals to 45 minutes (soft notification) and 240 minutes (urgent/hard notification) to make them less frequent.
  • Encryption: premium advanced config setting to allow bypassing the encryption hash check (ignoreEncryptionHashCheck).
  • Various logging, error handing, troubleshooting, and operational improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

You can grab the new release here before it hits the autoupdater. Those of you who wished the Waiting items and other app notifications were dialed down may be interested in trying it out now. As usual, we have our documentation, this forum, and our support email ( available to you as resources for help if you run into any problems.


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