Desktop Release (04-27-2021) Win v.6964 / Mac v.7073

Hi odrive users,

We have another release with some fixes and improvements to our app notification mechanism. Mac users may find the first fix to be particularly useful if they have hit any situations which generated any urgent notifications.

Win v.6964 / Mac v.7073:

  • Fix for Mac client urgent alert window pop-up so that only one instance of the window will appear (if we have an instance of the window up already, we will not open more).
  • OS non-urgent notification fixes and improvements.
  • Ability to suppress urgent notification application pop-ups by setting a new advanced configuration setting suppressUrgentNotifications to true. If urgent notification are disabled, the app will fire a soft OS notification instead.

Grab the latest installers here if you want to try it out before it goes out to the autoupdater**. Let us know if you have more feedback about notifications or any other odrive feature!


**Pushed via autoupdater on 2021-05-03

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