Desktop Release (04-20-2023) Win v.7205 / Mac v.7334

Good afternoon Odrive users,

We have a new desktop release today with these refinements below.

Win v.7205 / Mac v.7343:


  • Miscellaneous error handling improvements and bug fixes
  • Allow the delete that results from a folder move which is seen as an add + delete to go to the odrive trash
  • Integration updates (refine token expiration handling during upload in Dropbox and Autodesk)
  • Operational improvements, including:
    • Reduce delay between queued refresh jobs
    • Reduce throttling for Procore calls (can afford to be less aggressive)
    • Deprioritize empty folder refreshes
    • OAuth linking flow tuning

The installers are available here:

Let us know by emailing if you run into issues or have any feedback for us.


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