Desktop Release (04-05-2021) Win v.6926 / Mac v.7031

Hi odrive Community,

Here’s another release with some miscellaneous across-the-board fixes.

Win v.6926 / Mac v.7031

  • Fix for issue with doubleclicking to download-and-open cloud files on Windows that have extremely long paths.
  • Installer: updates and cleanup.
  • Integration: Procore minor operational improvements.
  • Integration: Fix Google Drive moves/renames inside the root of a shortcut folder.
  • Add activity logging for auto-expand+download scenarios.
  • Autounsync performance tuning.
  • Other fixes and operational improvements.

We’ll be pushing this build to the autoupdater in a day or two, but you can always get it early from the download page at your convenience. Thanks, and let us know if you run into any problems or have any ideas for things you’d like to see.