Desktop Release (03-29-2021) Win v.6909 / Mac v.7014

Hi everyone,

We’ve got another desktop sync app release with some improvements for you.

Win v.6909 / Mac v.7014:

  • More information for Waiting items.
    • Clicking on them in the tray menu used to take you to them in Finder/Explorer, but now we will display a pop-up with the error reason and also the full path to the file.
    • This behavior makes Waiting items more consistent with how Not Allowed items are presented and provides more information for troubleshooting.
  • CLI: added commands for setting Auto unsync, Auto trash, and Auto download.
  • Operational Improvements (SharePoint, Amazon Drive)
  • Installer clean-up to remove no longer used components and other minor improvements.
  • Other bug fixes.

You can grab the latest installers here and view our online documentation for more information. Let us know if you run into any issues or have feedback for us!


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