Desktop Release (03-25-2022) Win v.7123 / Mac v.7243

Hello Odrive Community,

We’ve got a release today with some integration fixes and some other miscellaneous improvements. Details below.

Win v.7123 / Mac v.7243:

  • Integration improvements:
    • Procore: API usage adjustments to resolve permissions issues for users with Standard permission (upload new version and delete operations)
    • Procore: Rate limit handling adjustments
    • Google: Handle additional permission error
    • Onedrive/OD4B/SharePoint: Increase max file size to 250GB
  • Improvements to access token renewal handling.
  • Logging fixes and other operational improvements
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

The installers for the desktop sync app are available here in the usual place. Let us know if you have any feedback or run into any problems we can fix!


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