Desktop Release (03-23-2021) Win v.6897 / Mac v.7003

Hi odrive users,

This new release has a tweak to the way that odrive shortens Procore company name folders. Most of you shouldn’t need to worry about updating your clients for this one.

Win v.6897 / Mac v.7003

  • Procore: if two companies have shortened company names which conflict, then we will still remove spaces and any period at the end, but we will no longer shorten to 8 characters. Other company names which are nonconflicting will continue to be fully abbreviated to 8 characters. See our updated documentation for more information.
  • Procore: minor error handling updates.

If you have Procore storage linked and want to try this release out before it goes to the autoupdater, you can get it from the usual download location in our docs.