Desktop Release (03-15-2021) Win v.6895 / Mac v.7001

Hi odrive users,

We have a release with a couple of integration improvements for Dropbox and Procore.

Win v.6895 / Mac v.7001:

  • Integration: Procore - fix for shortened Company Name top-level folders. Our new rules for how the top-level company folder will appear are as follows:
    • Remove spaces and any trailing period.
    • Shorten name to first 8 characters unless this would result in two company profiles having the same shortened name. In this case, we will not do any additional shortening of the name.
  • Integration: Dropbox - allow renaming a file or folder in order to change its capitalization (make changes to upper and lower case letters).

The installers for this release are available here for download if you want to grab them before they go to the autoupdater. We will probably submit another update later this week.

If you have any questions about these changes or have suggestions for additional improvements, please drop us a note here in the forum or send us an email at