Desktop Release (01-21-2021) Win v.6852 / Mac v.6951

Hi folks,

There is a new bug fix release today with the following changes:

Win v.6852 / Mac v.6951

  • Encryption with OneDrive/OD4B/SharePoint: file updates to Encryptor files were creating a new file due to the scrambled filename changing. The fix preserves the encrypted file name.
  • Integration: Fix for Amazon Drive large file downloads (> 500 MB) sometimes not working due to an internal issue with their own backend API. We’ve implemented a fallback to try to use another property in the event that downloading fails.

We will be pushing a new build to the autoupdater in the next few days, but you can get it from here if your usage of odrive is being impacted by either of these two problems and you want to get it immediately.


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